What Season is Best for Selling Your Home in Nashville?

Shane McCarty


Real estate is one of the most important investments you will ever make. Whether it's your starter home, forever home, or investment property, understanding the trends and fluctuations of Nashville's real estate market is crucial to gaining a profit from selling your property.

Over the past few years, Nashville has experienced a red-hot real estate market, where buyers faced an unprecedented housing shortage thanks to a combination of factors, including record-low interest rates, interruptions in supply chains, a massive influx of people moving to Nashville, and a record-high number of millennial buyers entering the housing market. In other words, it was the perfect storm for a seller's market. As interest rates have increased and supply chains have caught up, Nashville's real estate market is stabilizing. Yet, regardless of market conditions, sellers need to understand what's going on in the local market to earn top-dollar offers for their listings. And, of all the things that need to line up perfectly, timing is one of the most important.

Can seasons affect real estate sales? Absolutely! In fact, whichever season you choose to sell your house can affect your bottom line by up to 10%. So, when is the best season to sell luxury homes in Nashville? Here's everything you need to know about the Nashville housing market through every season.

Selling in spring

Very few things beat springtime in Nashville. Not only does the city smell of magnolias, but people are coming out of their winter funk. Once March and April roll around, more and more prospective buyers come out of the woodwork and start searching for homes. Combining the increased buyer activity with some of the best curb appeal you'll have of any season, there are so many excellent reasons why you should consider listing your house during the spring.

Yet, if you are a parent with school-aged kids, selling your home in the spring could be a struggle. Not only do you have to keep your home clean while working around their extracurricular activities, but you also have to carefully time the move so that it doesn't interfere with their school schedule. With this in mind, here are some of the advantages and
disadvantages of listing in the spring:


  • Buyers are more active in the spring than in the fall or winter
  • Spring has some of the most optimal weather in Nashville
  • Blossoming flowers and trees increase curb appeal
  • The spring market is generally more competitive (receiving more offers!)


  • One of the busiest seasons for agents
  • Moving companies charge a premium for springtime moves
  • Buyers might not be as motivated
  • More competition from other sellers

Selling in summer

There's no place quite like Nashville during the summertime. With average temperatures hitting the 80s and 90s and the sun shining, it's hard not to be in a good mood during the summer. Summer is also one of the busiest seasons for Nashville real estate. From May to September, you will most likely experience the most buyer activity, which makes it a great time to list your home on the market.

That said, there are some things to consider when listing your house in the summer. While there are more buyers out there, there are also more sellers, so your property will likely have some competition. Here are some other pros and cons of listing your home during the summer:


  • One of the most active seasons for real estate
  • You will have more buyers schedule showings and show up for open houses
  • Houses show well since curb appeal is at its best
  • Home prices are at their highest in the summer


  • You have the most listings to compete with
  • Summer is one of the most expensive seasons for electric bills
  • Listing your home could interrupt vacation time

Selling in fall

From the cool, crisp air to the brightly colored foliage, Nashville is so enchanting in the fall. Between the brightly colored trees and the pumpkins sitting on your front porch, you couldn't ask for a better time to take pictures of your listing. With the rich fall aesthetic, your home will be effortlessly comfortable, making it more attractive for prospective buyers to come through the door. Fall is the perfect time to host an open house since your property will already be welcoming and cozy, which is exactly how you want prospective buyers to feel. However, fall is historically one of the slower times for real estate sales compared to spring and summer, so this is also something to consider when listing your home.


  • Fall foliage will positively impact your curb appeal
  • The weather isn’t nearly as hot and humid as it is in the summer
  • The fall aesthetic will make your home appear naturally cozy and welcoming
  • You can settle into your new home before the holidays


  • Movers might not be as readily available as in the summer
  • Fewer buyers are searching for homes in the fall

Selling in winter

Between the holidays and the colder temperatures, winter has historically had a bad reputation as one of the worst times to sell real estate, but is this warranted? While winter is considered one of the slowest seasons for real estate nationwide, Nashville doesn't experience many of the same weather-related problems as snowier regions in the U.S. Nashville's weather rarely hits below freezing during the winter, which means you won't have to move when there's snow on the ground.

Another advantage to selling in the winter is you will have more motivated buyers. Because winter is the least busy month, that means prospective buyers who are looking are more serious about submitting an offer, which is ultimately the goal of listing your home. Here are some other pros and cons of listing in the winter.


  • There’s a greater sense of urgency from buyers
  • There’s a lot less inventory to compete with
  • It’s one of the best seasons to highlight your home’s energy efficiency
  • Your agent can focus more attention on marketing your listing


  • Brown grass and bare trees can harm curb appeal
  • There are typically fewer buyers in the winter

When should you sell?

While certain seasons are busier than others, the decision of when to sell your home is ultimately a personal one. There are many factors to consider, including your specific timeline, whether or not you have a job offer, and more. However, by teaming up with an expert, you can find a qualified buyer for your Nashville luxury home, regardless of the season.

Selling your Nashville home

Are you considering selling your Nashville home? Whether you're moving from the area or have finally saved enough money for your forever abode, Shane McCarty is the Nashville real estate agent you want on your side. Combining many years of industry expertise with cutting-edge marketing strategies, Shane will get your home sold for top dollar. Contact Shane today for your free home valuation and to begin your selling journey.

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