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Architectural Landmarks in East Nashville

Shane McCarty


Nestled on the eastern bank of the Cumberland River, East Nashville stands as a testament to the city's vibrant history and eclectic spirit. This dynamic neighborhood, known for its artistic flair and sense of community warmth, boasts an impressive array of architectural landmarks that weave a tapestry of stories from days gone by. Read on for a virtual journey through the architectural gems that define East Nashville.

The Hermitage Hotel: Elegance Preserved

First up is a true Nashville icon — The Hermitage Hotel. Situated in the heart of downtown on 6th Avenue North, this Beaux-Arts beauty has been a cornerstone of luxury and refinement since 1910. Its majestic facade, adorned with classical columns and intricate detailing, transports visitors to an era when craftsmanship and opulence reigned supreme.

As you step through the hotel's grand entrance, the lobby unfolds like a chapter from a bygone novel. The exquisite hand-painted ceiling, lavish chandeliers, and original Art Deco design elements pay homage to a time when hospitality was an art form. Whether you're a history buff or a lover of fine architecture, The Hermitage Hotel is a must-visit gem that encapsulates the timeless elegance of East Nashville.

The Shelby Street Bridge: A Pathway Through Time

Linking downtown Nashville with the vibrant energy of East Nashville, the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge — more affectionately known as the Shelby Street Bridge — is a structural marvel that spans the Cumberland River. Initially built in 1909, the bridge has undergone meticulous restoration to preserve its historic charm while accommodating the needs of modern pedestrians.

Walking across this iron giant is like strolling through a living history book. As you traverse the pedestrian-friendly path, take a moment to absorb the breathtaking views of the city skyline and the gentle flow of the Cumberland River beneath your feet. The Shelby Street Bridge not only connects two sides of the city but also bridges the past with the present, inviting all who cross to become a part of its unfolding narrative.

Five Points: Where History Meets Hip

Venturing deeper into the heart of East Nashville, you’ll find yourself in the lively district known as Five Points. This crossroads of commerce and community is a testament to the neighborhood's ability to blend historic architecture with a modern, bohemian vibe.

Wander through the streets of Five Points, and you'll encounter a delightful mix of Victorian-era homes, quaint storefronts, antique shops, independent bars, and vibrant murals that breathe life into the area. The contrast of centuries-old architecture against the backdrop of trendy boutiques and hip eateries captures the essence of East Nashville's artistic evolution.

The Woodland Street Bridge: A Gateway to Progress

The journey through East Nashville architecture wouldn't be complete without a nod to the Woodland Street Bridge. This steel truss bridge, stretching across the Cumberland River, has played a pivotal role in the neighborhood's development, connecting the community to the ever-expanding urban landscape.

Constructed in 1908, the Woodland Street Bridge has undergone renovations to enhance its structural integrity while preserving its historic charm. Today, it stands as a testament to East Nashville's ability to embrace progress. Take a stroll across the bridge, and you'll find yourself immersed in a blend of past and present, with the Nashville skyline on one side and the historic neighborhoods of East Nashville on the other.

Historic Fire Hall for Engine Co. 18: A Phoenix Rising from Ashes

Recently earning a coveted spot on The National Register of Historic Places, the Historic Fire Hall for Engine Co. 18 is a resilient testament to East Nashville's past and its unwavering commitment to preservation. Erected in 1930, this fire station proudly served the community for almost six decades. However, the passage of time took its toll, and the fire hall fell victim to neglect, culminating in a devastating fire in 2011. Deemed structurally unsound, the Nashville Codes issued a demolition order, casting a shadow over the building's future. Its plight caught the attention of Historic Nashville Inc., earning it a place on the "Nashville Nine" list of the city's most endangered historic properties.

A collective effort ensued as locals rallied to salvage this historic landmark from the brink of destruction. The fire hall, boarded up and deteriorating, became a symbol of resilience as the community feared the loss of an integral piece of East Nashville's history. In 2014, a beacon of hope emerged in the form of an interior designer with a fervent passion for historic architecture, and they embarked on a journey to restore and repurpose the fire hall.

No longer a dormant relic, the Historic Fire Hall for Engine Co. 18 has found new life as a hub for retail businesses and office spaces. This remarkable transformation rescued a piece of East Nashville's history from oblivion and breathed fresh vitality into a structure that once faced an uncertain fate. The fire hall's revival symbolizes the resilience of a community determined to preserve its architectural heritage and turn adversity into an opportunity for renewal.

Embracing the Past, Celebrating the Future

In the heart of East Nashville, each architectural landmark tells a story – a tale of evolution and the enduring spirit of community. As you explore the cobblestone streets and traverse the iconic bridges, take a moment to appreciate the architectural tapestry that defines East Nashville. These landmarks are dynamic pieces of a living, breathing community that invites you to be a part of its ever-unfolding story.

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